Text to pay

Dealership Payments

Collect secure payments via text message or email, with optional compliant card surcharging

Accept payments in store or remotely
Collect payment by Credit, Debit, and ACH
Keep all of your margin with compliant surcharging
3 simple steps

Sending Payment Requests is Easy With Revvable

1. Request Payment

Log in to your Revvable account and select "Request Payment" to start the payment process.

2. Enter the Amount

Decide where to send the payment request. You can choose to send it via text, email, or by sharing a link, making it easy and convenient for your customer to pay.

3. Send the Request

Log in to your Revvable account and select "Request Payment" to start the payment process.

Simplify the process

Revv-Up your Payments

Streamlined Payment Process

Complete payments seamlessly, whether in-store or remotely, providing convenience and flexibility for customers.

Rapid Setup and Onboarding

Get up and running quickly with same-day setup, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency for your dealership.

Multiple Payment Options

Accept payments via Credit, Debit, and ACH, offering customers a variety of payment methods for their convenience.

Enhanced Profit Protection

Protect margins with optional surcharge, collecting full payments for profitability.

Admin Portal

Effortlessly manage payments with our admin portal. View statements, handle chargebacks in one platform, streamlining payment processes.

Secure Staff Access

Ensure the safety of sensitive card information as it remains inaccessible to staff, prioritizing security and reducing potential risks.

Efficient Receipt Management

Easily send and confirm receipts, improving transparency and providing customers with a reliable payment record.

Flexible Request Delivery

Choose the preferred method to send payment requests, be it via text, email, or a shareable link, catering to individual customer preferences.

Streamlined Management

Effortlessly manage payments with our secure system, providing centralized transaction visibility and simplified receipts.

Don't let payment processing be a burden on your business.

Choose Dealership Payments and start collecting payments quickly, securely, and hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more!